Influencer Marketing Agency

The art of marketing and communication is inarguably evolving and
switching its approach to a digital era where influencers are sitting
on the throne as most potential marketing strategy executioners
nowadays. Based on the fact above, Surya Communication as
your trustworthy extension of the hand will select only the best
influencers to represent your brand. We ranked the most influential
key leaders, from micro to mega influencers, to help you build and
strengthen your brand position. We are skillful to reinforce your
brand identity as well, and more than qualified to help you penetrate
your brand’s most important key message to your audiences.

Influencer Marketing Associates

Surya Communication is proud to be your most reliable outsource
associate to connect you with the most up-to-date influencers from
our database. Furthermore, we’ll work hand in hand to come up with
the most strategic marketing plans which have successfully proven
to boost up the sales numbers while implementing some freshest
ideas to differentiate your company from others.

Influencer Marketing Communications

We work through words and actions such as promotions, events, and many activations. With the help of the most potential and highly prominent Key Opinion Leaders, we merge the ideal plans and conduct the most suitable way of communication to achieve your marketing success.

Your All In One Marketing System

We are a team of unique, creative, and reliable individuals. As we grow bigger and stronger through many challenges and obstacles, we also push our ideas outside the box and always aim higher. Based on our learning experiences, we’ll design your whole marketing systems, and commit to deliver the best outputs to satisfy our most valuable clients.



Surya Communication consists of young, dynamic, reliable, and a bunch of creative thinkers. We expanded our initial plan from a humble yet credible influencers agency to your one stop marketing expert. We provide strategies in order to help you achieve your marketing goals and grow even bigger.


Be credible, open minded, creative, fresh and continually grow by
brainstorming the most prolific and uptrend marketing ideas to help
our clients to achieve their goal.

Our Services

We provide ideas and execute the most worthy marketing plans and its execution. For Lazada Indonesia and Mola TV, we are fortunate to work closely with many great influencers to plate the marketing strategies in unique ways so we are able to penetrate the marketing
message further and deeper into the society.

Our Network

We held strongly onto our objective and purposes to be your best marketing solution by building an impeccable network and partnership with the most happening Key Opinion Leaders, well known production houses, big event organizers, and many credibles vendors in the whole country.